1958 Jeep FC-150

Once in a while a vehicle comes along that is so different, so forward-thinking (pun intended), that it kind of changes everyone’s perspective on what cool is. Such is the case with this one-of-a-kind 1958 Jeep FC-150, which hit the automotive aftermarket like a half-mile-wide meteor crashing into a planet. Between aggressive tracks, retro-feeling shiny three-stage Viper Green paint, and the rumble of a healthy and modern 5.7L Hemi, this truck probably has your attention. We know it got ours. Miss all three, and you better check your pulse ’cause you might be dead. The truck, built by the employees of Daystar (known for polyurethane parts) for the annual SEMA show (more on that in a minute), is quite an attention-grabber.

Every year for the past eight or so, the employees at Daystar (including the CEO) have put in a few extra hours to build Daystar vehicles for the annual SEMA show. These vehicles are used to showcase Daystar’s diverse products in a way that will be eye-catching. In the past Daystar has built some pretty cool rigs, including a Jeep that sat upside-down for the whole show. Last year Daystar put together this green beastie.

It turns out that this FC, bought by Daystar CEO Mark Turner at one of those high-end classic car auctions, was a bit rougher than expected. But after some disassembly, and with hopes of a just mild build, it became apparent that the shortened FC-170 (the previous owner shortened the frame and bed) was in pretty bad shape but hidden under a shiny paint job. Mark was about to toss in the towel and part out the old truck when the employees volunteered to go the extra mile to rebuild it and make it their SEMA showpiece. And rebuild it they did.

Source: FourWheeler.com