EZ Maxim

Designed for UTVs, it nearly doubles the tracks area over other track systems. The patented Maxim, whose branding undoubtedly refers to the maximum amount of track, allows more track on the terrain by using its unique switch back system. This enables the rear tracks to extend forward, under the vehicle, to nearly the rear of the front tracks, thereby taking weight off the front end. The entire machine now is able to operate much as a snowmobile, gliding over the snow instead of through it.

Mattracks CEO Mr. Glen Brazier explains, “we’ve again, revolutionized off-road mobility with the Maxim. It’s as close to a snowmobile as you can get. And it’s not just for snow, in other terrain as well, there is literally no place you can’t go.” Brazier says, “because of the specially designed rear rail wheel profile, with that amount of track on the ground, contrary to what one might think, turning is unbelievably easy with the Maxim and has proven to be equal to, or easier, than traditional track systems.”